For those of you who are ready to take action, these options will get you where you want to go!  My programs are filled with a combination of coaching (to get to the heart of what matters to you) and expertise in the financial planning industry.  I do not manage assets, but I do prepare clients to find aligned investment advisors if needed.

Option 1: Custom-Designed Wealth Coaching Program
Based on your specific needs in your financial life now, a custom-designed wealth coaching program can help you get from confusion / chaos / overwhelm to taking aligned, empowered action to accomplish your  financial goals.  Here are some examples of specific needs you could address in a program like this:

  • Align your investments with your values.
    (I provide knowledge about the investment world and how it can support your values.)
  • Take responsibility for your cash flow.
  • Take your giving / philanthropy / impact to the next level by having a purpose and plan.
  • Feel more empowered with your wealth and eliminate guilt.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Introductory Mini-Retreat
    Take a deep dive to learn, grow and gain momentum in an area that you would like to improve in your financial life.  Find out how further coaching can support your continued progress, or enjoy your breakthrough and continue on your own.
  2. 6-Month Wealth Coaching Program
    Map out a plan to accomplish your goals and work with me to make them happen with my knowledge, guidance and expertise in financial planning and wealth coaching.



Option 2: Profit and Purpose
For those who are read for a major life transformation, read more about this year-long program here.



Option 3: Financial Planning

Understand your financial situation and how it can support your life and impact goals.

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