Check out the surprising similarity between money and food allergies and what we can do to empower ourselves in both areas in this 5-minute video!

I spoke with Steve Schueth, a pioneer of impact investing, and I made a video of our conversation so that you could benefit from his experience and wisdom as well.  Steve’s career in SRI began in 1989, and he is now the President of First Affirmative Financial Network.  In addition to their SRI investment advisory practice, First Affirmative hosts the annual SRI Conference, which is going on its 27th year. In this 9-minute video, find out:

  • How SRI got started in the US.
  • The tipping points that led to the growing success of the SRI industry.
  • The key mindset shift that has the potential to provide a sustainable future for many generations to come.
  • The factors that ground SRI in the reality of our financial system today.
  • The outlook of the SRI industry.
  • How YOU can advance SRI.