Welcome to the

Transformational Leadership Forum

for Changemakers!

TLFC brings together a diverse community of heart-centered visionaries

who take compassionate action to create a peaceful future.

What is the Transformational Leadership Forum for Change-makers?

This is a forum where connection, inspiration and bright ideas spread.  Participants connect with other heart-centered visionaries who take compassionate action to create positive change in the world.  Participants include (but are not limited to):


Impact Investors

Financial Planners

Philanthropic Advisors

Non-profit Staff and Leaders

Anyone who is taking action to make a positive difference.

How it works:

Small groups of 4 – 8 participants are started every month.  Groups have one, 1-hour call per week for 4 weeks hosted by Melissa Hoyer, Founder of My Impax.  During one of the 4 calls, each group member will have an opportunity to present the impactful project that they are working on (at any level – beginner to advanced), and have an opportunity to get feedback from the group.

Calls take place at 10:00 PT, 11:00 MT, noon CT, and 1:00 ET on Wednesdays.

Call Format:

  • Welcome and opening – Melissa
  • Group presenter #1, followed by Q&A, then brainstorming.
  • Group presenter #2, if applicable, followed by Q&A, then brainstorming.
  • Conclusion – Melissa

Apply for the next group!

  • Apply to join the next group (groups begin in the month following your signup date).
  • You will receive a short application to ensure a good fit.
  • Upon acceptance, you will receive an “impact” assessment and a worksheet to help you get organized for your day to present to the group.
  • In addition, you will receive the group call-in number, dates and times.

Your commitment includes:

  • 4, 1-hour group calls.  One per week at the time and day noted above.
  • Prep time to prepare for your presentation to the group (worksheet provided).  15 – 30 minutes estimated.
  • 15 – 30 minutes to fill out the “Impact Assessment” prior to the start of the program.
  • 100% participation.
  • A desire to share your experience and wisdom with the group.

These calls are right for you if:

  • You have a positive attitude.
  • You wish to both listen and contribute respectfully.
  • You have (or are developing) a heart-centered, compassionate vision for the future.
  • You would like to share your experience and wisdom with others.

Benefits include:

  • Practice sharing your ideas with a supportive group.
  • Be inspired by each other.
  • Get fresh ideas to uplift your work.
  • Expand your network with other heart-centered visionaries.
  • Have fun, learn and grow.

These calls are NOT a good fit if:

  • You have a negative attitude.
  • You do not listen and communicate with others respectfully.
  • You are more interested in selling rather than participating.

What these calls are NOT:

  • A venue to sell a product or service.
  • A place to vent and / or “dump” on others.