Last Friday my family and I spent about eight hours in the car returning to our home in Colorado from Omaha.  We opted to drive vs. fly, so we could experience the scenery.  However, Friday morning I checked Facebook and heard about Dallas.  Another shock.  (And since this initial writing, the tragedy in Nice occurred).  I didn’t experience much of the scenery that day, as I was glued to Facebook – partly because of my desire to connect with my community, and partly to read up on, “what the heck is going on?”

Once we got home, my husband kept asking me if I was OK.  I realized the news was taking a toll on me, and I decided to take a break from Facebook, and the news, and simply enjoy being with my family for the weekend, without distraction.  Not as an act of hiding, but as a recognition that I wanted to take care of myself and acknowledge the beauty in life that also exists in a time of chaos, despair and fear.  I wanted to find some balance.

What I love about my newsfeed on Facebook is that I’m sensing a new movement is being started.  It seems like, collectively, we are putting our foot down and saying, Enough (with a capital E!).  I believe positive change is underway, which is the light at the end of this tunnel.

It feels like we’ve come to a time when we just can’t afford to be silent, we just can’t afford to do nothing.  And yet, going back to my earlier story, I know how easy it is to fall out of balance in times like these.  After all, we are witnessing the world out of balance in so many ways, and that is a powerful force.   However, plainly we can see that it does not serve life, foster connection or enhance our ability to create a more peaceful planet when we are consumed by fear, blame, guilt, resentment, shame or violence (in any form).

Fortunately, we have other options.  I believe that the light at the end of the tunnel can lead us to a more beautiful world.  In fact, I believe that the action we take must be rooted in the world we want to create, perhaps one of love, kindness, generosity, beauty, respect, cooperation, joy and wellbeing for all.

What kind of world do you want to live in?  Start making change from that place.  All actions count – “big” and “small.”  Just go for it.


I created My Impax as an incubator for positive change.
For those of you who want some community, structure and support around creating positive change during these times, join me for an open call on:

Friday, July 22, 2016
10:00 MT

Call in #: 302-202-1110
PIN: 649930

I will be facilitating this call, although I’m counting on the wisdom from this group to create learning and new opportunities.  Also, this is not a sales call in any way.

Just send me a quick email if you plan to call-in.